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Re: Huge Outfits and PlanetSide 2

Defending bases in its current form is really terrible. One reason is that you can't make anywhere near as much resources defending a base as you would typically make when on the offensive. I went from 40 something flash grenades and c4 charges on my light assault character to zero after a night of playing defense.

The next day, I was strictly on offense and now I'm restocked and maxed out once again. Aside from that and the other already explained reasons, defending needs to be looked over.

As for the topic regarding outfits, I think the size of the outfit isn't the issue as much as it is how people use them. You just need to organize and enforce particular methods in regards to how2play in a large-scale setting with multiple units. For instance, dedicate particular squads to air, others to ground, and give them their specialized objectives. This makes them more efficient and less 'zergy'.
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