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Re: Huge Outfits and PlanetSide 2

My outfit runs one squad. We'd like to be bigger, but we generally don't invite people we don't know personally (like, can shake a hand on a regular basis). As a result, we field 6-10 on most nights.

I have to admit, on many nights, it's hard to find something optimal for the team. We're not large enough to crack the zerg, but we're wasted on sweeping the undefended stretches the zerg ignores. Occasionally we bump into a similarly-sized NC or TR group at an objective, and then we tend to party up and down Auraxis, taking and giving ground until someone has to log. Those are good nights.

We've dabbled in application-specific work, ie, providing a dedicated anti-aircraft pit, or running vehicle resupply and repair. These are entertaining sub tasks, but communicating with the zerg that these services are available is largely fruitless.

I don't want to make it sound grim; we definitely enjoy our few hours a week. I do think higher pops would help things immensely, though. Is this what we get for consciously avoiding the big outfit West server? Perhaps. I suspect, if the pop trends continue, we'll have the opportunity to rectify that.
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