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Re: Huge Outfits and PlanetSide 2

I'm in one of the largest outfits in the game, so i may be bias on this. On ops nights we may run upwards of 300 guys.

But i don't feel large outfits are the problem, its more the game. As the game currently works, to take a continent most times you zerg across it with 60% or more of the population. Do to the lower population cap, 100+ people can majorly change population and bring the zerg over.
I does seem that the originally idea was to have the huge outfits all on one server, and i know some of them tried. It just didn't end up that way.
There is always a place for smaller outfits. Do to the smaller size you may be able to move troops faster, and help win battles.

To the common person we look like a zerg, but we are far more organized. If anyone was on our TS during ops you could see we are an army not a zerg.

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