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Re: Possible upcoming changes to Spawn Rules

Originally Posted by phungus View Post
I have done alot of thinking on spawning, and what I would to if I made a game (I really need to actually just figure out how to compile and start building something from the torque engine, my damn laziness and procrastination has always ruined my life, but that's another topic).

Throttling spawns is the answer I came up with and theorized about. The player should have feedom to deploy to bases they see they can help at, but having a dynamic timer would give you guys, the designers, the ability to control spawn rates and really shape border battles.
WWII Online tried that with spawn timers for the force that greatly outnumbered the other. It just provided a lot of frustrations and didn't solve much. During a huge battle numbers on the field would stabilize but along the less populated fronts where the outnumbered side wasn't engaged in heavy fighting, they would be able to easily overrun the smaller amount of defenders.

It was always an issue.
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