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Re: Possible upcoming changes to Spawn Rules

Originally Posted by phungus View Post
I hear you, and agree in part. There is a need to limit and impede massed movement around the map. However forcing a player to spawn hop across a map to deal with a squad at an important base is just frustrating. I spend alot of time on dead continents (usually trying to accumulate air resources), so if I see 1-12 guys attacking an amp station on Amerish I should be able to go there. It wol't just be better for me, but it'll be more enjoyable for the attackers since there will actually be people there to fight, and people play this game to shoot people in the face, not to spawn and ghost cap.

There needs to be limitations and logistical considerations on battle flow in terms of how spawning works. There are more limitations that are needed, for instance something I think is desperatly needed is a timer/energy pool on Sunderers so you can't just instantly spawn in 100 people to an area. But these restrictions shouldn't stop small engagements from happening on dead continents and they shouldn't force a player to spend 2 minutes or more spawn hopping across a dead map.
Well in the future the whole "dead map" thing will become kind of non-issue when we have a connected world. Right now we have 3 unconnected continents. That's an issue that should take care of itself with continental lattice, battle islands, and lattice systems on the continents. There will be logical chokepoints to stop an enemy attack on a weaker front.

Even on Indar an attack on a weak front can be halted thanks to well placed chokepoints. Esamir and Amerish need the lattice and then when we have a continental lattice system the warpgates will provide very good chokepoints, especially on the battle islands.

Should be a problem that kind of works itself out. I would rather the devs keep working on this new content and building spawn mechanics that work with a lattice system and implement restrictions to prevent hopping around the lanes rather than them work on a temporary fix for an issue with the old hex system.
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