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Re: Possible upcoming changes to Spawn Rules

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I think it's kinda neccessary. Nothing makes PS2 worse than running around with noone to shoot.
This is my thing. If my ESF is on cooldown it takes far too long to get to a battle, especially if I want to fight at a spot to get air resources. Also often I see s place to attack, so I'd like to grab a sundee or maybe harrasser to get to the battle, but I can only spawn at the battle (which is a spawn room that is camped).

I think there are alot of players who can see the map and the info it has to determine good places to spawn and assets to grab, but they are being limited. I also don't see the big outfit thing as being an issue. In my experience large outfits mass players, then spend most of their time waiting and camping spawn rooms. If outfits were really organized half of those players would hit redeploy and would spread out to take multiple territories, but they don't - they just sit there and "wait for the points".

Also at every large base defenders should be able to deploy there to defend or even grab assets. There is no reason why I shouldn't be able to redeploy from the warp gate to Allatum biolab at will. My team has that asset, let me use it. Where battles are going on I think it would be a good idea to throttle mass deployment to defend, but I think it would be more fun for everyone if players could deploy to border skirmishes to defend if the defenders are outnumbered by 50% or more - be more fun for everyone to be able to defend and have people to fight.
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