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Re: Possible upcoming changes to Spawn Rules

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I think it's kinda necessary. Nothing makes PS2 worse than running around with noone to shoot. Noone likes that. It's not instant gratification.

With regards to giving outfits an edge, I go back to my suggestion from beta to remove cooldown from vehicles alltogether and limit their availability by resource cost alone. A coordinated outfit can pool resources as they need it, while the random pubbie will most likely waste them on pointless stuff that blows up afer a minute or two. Add higher resource costs across the board, done.

That would create some WW1esque front-lines where the random footsoldiers blaze through their resources to die a pointless death, but when coordinated forces arrive they have the firepower to accomplish what needs to be done.

I think we can take resource pooling quite literally, too, why not have some kind of a "resource pool" where I can put it my resources and make them available to the rest of the outfit?

Most important is to make the world resource starved, because only then all this will matter and coordination will retain an inherent edge. With the endless supply we have now there is little point in forming an outfit at all, apart from shooting with friends.

I don't think it's possible to make outfits more desireable without "hurting" the random casual. I mean, being in an outfit is or should be the exact opposite of being a random casual. You have to put a load of incentive under a casual's ass to stop being casual and join an outfit. Nothing is a bigger incentive than being shit at the game and the will to change that.
balls, if you are defending the west side of continent and a front opens up on the east, you should not just be able to snap your fingers and arrive at the spawn room to stop them, you should need to form up at either a nearby base in the west or back to warp gate in order to set out and stop the attack, it is instant gratification to just use the respawn system to instantly arrive.
Like it or not travel time is very important to these types of games.

That said they could put in place something similar to the matrix system of PS1, your PL or SL goes to a base and manually sets that to be your special recall point.

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