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The Brits lost their preeminence in pop music due to their preoccupation with the 'next big thing', like overhyping overrated bands like the Smiths and Stone Roses. As a result alot of great British bands never got their due, and an American band (Nirvana) broke alternative music into the mainstream.

They were left with manufactured hype like Oasis and their cloying/annoying, unlistenable D-rate melodies, with no rhythm section or harmonies.

One of those great unsung alternative British bands was the Bolshoi. So, Pitchfork made one of their stupid list adding Pulp in as #2. I'm positive Pulp is a generic stinker, but might as well brave the pain and check out this #2 'tune' "Common People".

No surprise, it's a screeching garbage. What's shocking is their singer is blatantly and shamelessly ripping off Trevor Tanner of the Bolshoi. It's easy to conclude the Pitchfork organization has never even heard of Bolshoi so how can they even them any props. Instead, they are giving this copy all the accolades.

It takes a foolish village to screw up a lightbulb, but it takes Pitchfork staff to screw up a list. It's no wonder every one they release is a disaster. Such gutter-depth insight.

Know an aspiring Van Gogh (rising inspiring aspirin).

"Away", like "In A Big Country" by Big Country, is one of the best alternative songs of all time. Pitchfork neither has the knowledge or decency to include them in their top 200 lists.

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