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A tactic i alwasy wanted to try was one i made up. Its very simple but effective...

Often, almost too often, you and your squadmates are caught in a firefight with enemies where it's a standoff, and both of you have cover, leaving the stalemate stalemated . So i thought, "hey while they're sittin there try to shoot the people, why not ocme up behind them?" but not as an attack, as a distraction. You can use somethign as simple at a harasser, just omething to get the majority of their attention. Your bring in the vech from the opposite side they're facing. They all look to defend themselves and shoot it. As this is happenin, ALL of your forces who are behind the cover, come out and rush the enemy, while they're distracted.

I know, its very simple and easy to pul off, and you might say "DUH!" but if its so easy and so simple, why DOES IT NEVER HAPPEN????


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