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It's hard to come up with a conventional strategy when facing an unconventional enemy.
Ok I agree so far...

It's a fucking game, there are no strategies that will guarantee a base victory.
Still with you

It's all about numbers, if you have a couple of AMS's and are organized enough, base caps are easy and defense is even easier.

Ok now you lost me, yes it IS all about numbers, but why? becuase the general populase only know about numbers... How many FPS's were desinged to use tactics, actually how many were designed to use tactics at such a large battle size level...
The current community of PS has mostly come from other FPS's, they arnt stupid, they just dont know any better...yet. They will adapt and learn, it will take time.

Right now, as was pointed out in this thread and earlier by Nav, TR is a chaotic mess. No one wants to be a squad leader, they all want BEP. Every night, I see people spamming LFS, LFS, LFS, LFS. Well, here's a thought, How about creating your own squad?

True most TR are like so, I personaly always SL if I can, again though it will take time, Rome wasn't built in a day, and a such FPS players wont all become great tactitians in a day.

Now back to the TOPIC

I run an ANT Outfit, and usually run the squads with ant's in mind, I good tactic is distraction, send a few members of my squad in a harraser to take towers behind enemy lines, pretty soon the enemy will notice and send a force to deal with it, in the meantime the rest of the squad keeps it quiet until the enemy dispatches, we then proceed to attack (or drop an ANT) and hold, the enemy then has to split 2 ways, they have no way of knowing how big our forces are. If I have a spare Infiltrator with a wraith I get him to go solo inflicting more damage to the enemy.

The towers arnt that important, but usually the enemy will get worried seeing enemys (or hearing about) behind them.
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