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Okay, you asked for it! (part II)

When indoors as well as outdoors, infantry should remain in groups. Don't fan out all over the base as individuals. Sure, you might get more kills that way as an individual, but the entire squad will not be as effective and will be much easier to defeat by a skilled enemy. Work as a team inside and outside basically. As you advance, it is always nice to have someone watching your back! This truth applies in a hallway or in the woods.

Keep an eye on your health and armor. It isn't the job of the medic/engineer to watch such things. It is your job. If you need something, stop and ask for it. I've seen many squadmates fail to even realize they are damaged when getting fixed up would be easy. They just run right by me while I yell, "Stop" a hundred times. When someone is repairing or healing you, don't stop what you are doing and become a robot either please. Turn around and defend the person repairing you. Don't face each other. Let the medic or engineer get behind you. Keep your weapons out and pointed at the enemy. If you are in a stairwell, watch the stairwell. If you are in a CC, watch the doors into it. Don't be worthless just because you are getting repaired or healed. If the situation allows it, make sure you are crouched in the open also. There is no reason to be standing up while stationary when you can crouch.

I think this is enough of a novel that most people aren't going to read it, so I'll stop it right here even though I know I could go on for another hour. hee hee I hope those who do read this gain something valuable from it. This is a game, and I know it. However, just because it is a game doesn't mean we as players should forget common sense or ignore proper tactics. The game is much more enjoyable for me when I see people being smart about how they play.

Thanks for reading it,
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