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To tell you the truth, I doubt it will effect the game much at all. Dave had a really good point when he was saying that "Newbies are dirt poor, and the vet's were so rich that money didn't matter anymore"

It's been that way in most RPG games I have ever played. Granted I haven't ever played an MMOLRPG, but it's got to be the same basic concept.

The closest thing that I could think of to having an economy vs not having an economy was T1 vs T2. In T1 a remote Inv had only so much "Energy" so you could only get so much out of it before it was "Empty", In T2 the remotes just keep giving you stuff, and never run out of energy. IMO the T2 version was better then the T1 version.

Or you can look at it like BF1942. You can only carry so much ammo, but it you run low you can just stop by an ammo crate and get more.

Or you could look at it like C&C Ren, which was a fun game, but it sucked when you spawned and didn't have enough to buy the tank you always wanted, or the Armor/Gun set up you wanted to use. You'd end up in the cheapest set up, and trying to save up the credits so that you might be able to get one on your next spawn. It wasn't really my cup of tea.

Planetside should have everything covered with time limits on how often you can buy vechicles, and requiring you to earn certs before you can use somthing.

Personally I think it was a great move to get rid of the economy.
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