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Re: Johari, Aug. 11/12, VS versus NC at Shango.....good fun!

Originally posted by Meyvon
just wanna say hi to all the NC that were at Shango earlier in the night fighting us(VS) on Johari. that was a helluva battle IMHO.

I had a blast. I wanna know the name of that one NC Sniper that I got into a stalemate with(I THINK it was Argorn, but I am not sure). He was crouching in a doorway, and I was crouching on the tower balcony, and we kept hitting each other, but neither of us could finish the other off. A CLASSIC Sniper Duel, in the middle of a big war. I ended up eating dirt on that one, cause the NC finally took the tower, and I caught a JackHammer in the back.

i hope that guy reads this forum and this thread, cause we need to finish that duel. JackHammer to the back doesn't count.
I know what you mean about the sniper dueling. It adds some more flavor to the game. I had a duel with someone called MasterJester. I would snipe him and he would snipe me. I think we did that like three times. He was good. I am a fair sniper. He could pick me off while running. I still need to learn how to do that. I gave up the sniping cert to get my Lightning back. Sniping can be a lot of fun when you have a lot of targets. I may just get that cert again soon.
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