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the way mine was, we were both stuck in our same positions..trying to get off that finishing shot he knew where i was, i knew where he was, and we would both pop up, shoot, and take cover. we were both creeping around trying to get that view and position where we could see our target, but our target couldn't see us. I'm assuming the guy was a medic as well, because I he kept healing (I had advanced targetting on) after I'd shoot him. unless he had a medic sitting at the bottom of the stairs.

I don't know about other folks, but it seems to me that when there are two good snipers opposing each other, they kind of form a 'game within the game'. Each sniper would be focused on the opposing sniper, in the midst of everyone else trying to take a base or objective. whereas the entire horde of allies and enemies are focused on attacking and defending a base..amidst the big booms, and tanks, and air fire, and such...the two snipers are focused on nothing but eliminating that other sniper. I have played a sniper character in ever FPS I have ever tried (because with regular weapons I am a TERRIBLE shot, ESPECIALLY shooting on the run, but for some reason i am good with sniper rifles), and the normal grunts in most games don't understand the Sniper Game, unless they get involved in it as well. and you don't see these types of 1 on 1 duels in the middle of a large scale battle outside of the Snipers very often. Perhaps the only other place in PS these types of encounters can be expected is in Air Dogfights. but even then, in my limited experience, Air fighting is largely a group activity most times.

BTW in an off-key note, I think that Accuracy stats should be added to our stats pages. Sniping is about shot selection, patience, and Ammo Management,(We get the least amount of ammunition in the whole game IMO, so every shot counts...I routinely walk around with only 50 total rounds, unless I am carrying a back-up weapon) and not neccessarily about kills(since there are no one-shots), and we should have some stats to reflect that.
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