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Originally Posted by Peacemaker View Post
I was hoping for that. It would be a shame to have an outfit ONLY be able to spec in tanks. My clan for example does a lot of different stuff, Sentrosi for example is a big time Tank Driver, while I am almost always found saving his ass from the air , and Hamma likes to drive Galaxies. Having different divisions in each outfit would be great.
Been gone too long bro!
I don't do the tanks as much as Mani does. When he gets into a tank, you know a world of pain is coming for the enemy!
I used to like blowing stuff up behind lines. I also enjoy repairing and hacking things. But I think I'm going to roll my Galaxy piloting skills into the next game.
Also I enjoy long walks along the Ceryshen shores. I'm a Gemini and like the colors red and black.
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