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Re: New site feedback thread

Thanks for the feedback guys!
Originally Posted by Malorn View Post
2) You appear to be missing your Paypal link for donations. Should add it back somewhere on that home page.

3) The news ticker looks good, but it appears a bit...cluttered I suppose. Maybe tint the image to put some contrast and add some overlay text for the headline?
Will get the paypal link fixed

Which are you referring to the main page with the large image rotating or elsewhere?

Originally Posted by Skitrel View Post
More feedback. Your robots.txt needs changing, you're still blocking bots so you're not going to get crawled right now.

Also, as Malorn said, paypal link should be in the home title bar on the far right "Donate"
I don't see that we have a robots.txt file at all at the moment - didn't get transferred in the move it appears. Will move our old one.

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