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Re: Planetside Nostalgia: First Outfits

I was in a plethora of outfits during my time with Planetside. These are really the only ones I can remember.

TR - Terran Death Company and KWA are all I can remember. I feel like I was in Better Red Than Dead at one point too. I also ran with OzziKing for a bit but I think that was on NC. He was entertaining for a while, but then started to get super annoying.

NC - Blue Lions, KillerxGirlz (or somethin like that), KWA, and Obsl33t (basically joined cause the name looked cool after pops started dying down), might have been in the 666th at one point but that was just out of curiosity. TR was my real home so I was never really concerned with outfits on NC.

** I was also trying out for SG at the time that SGproph and the other dude got banned -___-

VS - I hate VS but I tried out GotR and Lost Minions

In the end I found that my playstyle was more geared toward smaller outfits that ran Spec Ops/Quick Response.
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