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Re: Joining the PS2 Team

Congratulations Malorn on getting the job, especially with the economy the way it is.

Several questions:

1. Any workable solutions yet on the "rich get richer"/"poor get poorer" problem?
2. Are people happy with the game as a FPS from an E-sport point of view? Meaning is skill really a factor considering TTK, gun accuracy, player movement?
3. Shouldn't there be a new player tutorial or VR for us before we go onto the battlefield?
4. Is the progression model intuitive? Example: why do you get the same amount of xp for an empty outpost as you do for a hotly contested base? Shouldn't the rewards be based on participation rather than flipping territory? Isn't there a lot of cert bloat?
5. As far as game balance do the natural counters have the correct effect?
6. What is the measure of the war itself? Is it simply a K/D ratio for the player and a glance at the map for the meta-game or is something else coming down the road?
7. Are there any more capture mechanics coming or world design that will make this less of a simple numbers game?
8. How's the immersion factor for everyone else? Does the game's internal rules make sense?
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