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Originally Posted by haticK View Post
Hmm, am I the only person this isn't working for?
Worked fine for me...

For the star-wars thing it is enough to just log-in with the account I think. there is an on-screen counter for the SC so you will immediately see when you get credited. If you dont see it yet then go ahead and makea character I guess, but I dont think i needed too.

OBVIOUSLY you need to log-in for this to work (with the same account you use for PS2). I think the star-wars one can be played without any log-in if you prefer so mybe that is confusing you?

the freerealms one i had to make a charcter before it credited me anything. its just a matter of next-next-next and hit the "play now" button. it downloads a few megs in the browser to run the game but it should be a trivial amount of time unless you are on dialup

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