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Props, Kudos, and Cookies to Waterson

We've had some amazing primetime fights on continents other than Indar recently. I just wanted to say thanks to all the people that are willing to take the fight elsewhere once in a while. I love a good Crown farm as much as the next guy, but I don't want to be there 24/7.

Sometimes all it takes is reaction to an invasion on one of your continents. Speaking from the perspective of the VS, it seems NC and TR are doing a better job of reacting to attempts to take their continents. This has resulted in some epic fights at places where we're not accustomed to seeing such fights, like Hidden Ridge Mining. It's not quite ARC Bio, but it's a beast of a base to take. Hell we even had a great fight on Esamir the other day.

I think it's important to keep the dynamic fluid on our server, and not let it get stale, especially as we're about to merge with Jaeger. Many of the complaints I hear about Planetside2 don't seem to apply as much on Waterson, because we're willing to mix it up, and take the fight elsewhere.

Though the meta-game is small, we've been willing to play it. It's there, so we might as well. Just look at the story that's developed on our server, and the struggle over Indar, and how we've all worked together to neutralize it. Now that it's neutral, it's a constant challenge to keep it that way, and/or take and defend other continents, especially when the enemy actually decides to leave Indar for a while. That makes it more fun for all in my opinion.

There's a lot about Planetside1 that I miss, but thanks to Waterson I'm having too much fun to worry about it much.
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