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Re: SCU Shield generators coming back to biolabs next update

Originally Posted by Selerox View Post
I understand why they're bring them back for the Biolabs, but I hope they stick around for the Amp Stations. Fights there sometimes got stopped far quicker than they should have done due to the SCU getting whacked early on.

On the other hand with Biolabs, I've seen some of the most brutal infantry fighting I've ever seen since the SCU gen got removed. I've been involved in Biolab battles where players have ended up having to resort to knife-fights under the walkways. Utterly crazy.
There may be a purely tech reason for this change. Sunday night defending our lock on Indar Miller was the biggest farm meatgrinder clusterfuck I've ever had the privilege of fighting and it was at Sauva bio. Last hex standing and all three empires had their pop inside this hex trying to get us out (p.s. failed) And the server must have been this close to crashing.

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