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Re: Lets talk about the ressource system. Right now, its borderline Pay to Win

Isnt the resource income linked to how you play and to a large extent who you play with?

The team have allready said that they want to prevent "spam" so as a solo player you shouldnt expect to pull max,max,max or reaver, reaver,reaver if your loosing them too quick.

However if your playing sensibly and as part of a team, you rotate the roles and should be able to keep up a constant stream of whatever your pulling. Max, HA, Engi, -> Max, HA, Engi is easily doable with the roles changing. In much the same way as a 3/3 Maxxed harraser can continualy be pulled if your not dieing within 10 mins.

With regards to the benefits of subs. Im finding less and less reasons to sub at the moment. I dont need XP/BR as its a pointless stat. I allready have more certs than I need and I spend them on stuff I dont use. My vehicles stay alive long enough that im pretty much maxed out when I need to buy a new one. So the only benefit I get is queue priority. Since the pop on Miller is poo this is only used at prime time during alerts.

With regards to boosts / alpha squad. We all had our alphas replaced at the same time. We all will have equiped them within a few days of each other, on the main chars we play. They will all run out around the same time. Im fully expecting an imba "NotQuiteAlphaSquad" boost to be on a 3 day sale for a limited time, that fulfills the same role.
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