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I would go even further and give them four person crews:

Operator w/ new Flash style forward oriented weapons (pretty much only a Kobalt), Main Gunner, Secondary Gunner, and Spotter/Commander (the S/C would also use a Kobalt). The Spot Slot would be special in that it only gives a hud indicator to the other tank crew. Spot Slot spots pot rot shot...

Uh, infantry won't be spottable with the special command seat.

Increase the resource cost to 100% of the pool, quadruple the hitpoints, merge the armor upgrades into one cert (like every other vehicle in the game), halve C-4 damage agains them, and give the owner of the vehicle 100% XP earned by occupants (when the owner is inside). That allows the owner to not necessarily be the driver or a gunner.

Disallow internal seat swapping when the vehicle is in motion.
If every tank had two anti-infantry machine guns by default, what would be the point of ES AI secondaries? (disregarding the fact that the NC variant already has no point)

Personally I think 4 seats is a bit over the top, as within a game the Tank Commander role is kind of redundant. I do however support the idea of either making tanks 3 seaters (driver has no weapon) or switching the primary and secondary guns so the gunner handles the main gun.
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