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Re: Matt Higby doing a Q&A at reddit!

Originally Posted by Shogun View Post
i wish they would wipe the new ideas and return to the good old cert and br20 system as it was in ps1 in the good old days. paired with the cap of course!

there were no jackofalltrades back then and it played out fine as long as we had a significant playerbase.
the br was risen because there were not enough players any more and so people had to be able to be selfsufficient for you cannot rely on dedicated medics if there are none.
You can't make claims that PS1 died of indavidual things like self-sufficeint soldiers but you also can't make claims that it "did fine" with them.

All you can really say is that PS1 died before it was even a day old (launch was WAY smaller than they expected).

I can say for sure though I didn't find the design of PS1 as fun as it could be (and you would probably say the opposite and I would eye you suspiciously because only the top dawgs of PS seemed to have fun with the mechanics - which is a terrible design if you want people to keep playing).
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