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My take on MAX abilities.

Some of these ideas I got from other people but tried to balance with other factions. Each MAX has a main ability and a Long Cooldown special.


Skiing ability - to quickly jet to the left, right, or forward and backwards and shoot at the same time has a bar that replenishes over time.

Coalescent Shot - Long cooldown High Damage similar to samus' shot from metroid lol, They charge up their gun for about 3-5 seconds and slows them down a bit while charging. Has a large plasma explosion when it impacts the target for high damage.


Shield - Keep their shield they have now has a bar that replenishes over time.

Sonic Punch - Long cooldown Blasts enemies in front of them outward does Medium damage maybe enemies can take fall damage as well added onto original damage lol.


Overdrive - Guns fire much faster their overdrive has a bar that will replenish over time.

Artillery Strike - Long Cooldown they hunker down and cant move while doing this and shoot rapid cluster bombs into the targeted location and it rains down shells that explode in the air and split into many bomblets good for taking out fortified positions.
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