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Re: My take on MAX abilities.

Originally Posted by Pollo Jack View Post
I think we should stray from strong abilities balanced by lengthy cool downs. If Planet Side has taught us anything, that is a horrible way to balance. Since you can pull a MAX suit from a galaxy, grabbing it getting two or so kills then running back and changing class would be commonplace, especially since you don't have to cert max you can unlock it's abilities as you level other classes.

I have seen the skiing idea tossed around, and it is fine for tribes which is very quick pace but we had a similar event in Planet Side with surgiles. Not only was it so unbalanced they had to buff the REXO but they also went back and forced you to put your weapon away while surging eliminating speed and punch all together for infantry. I doubt the devs are even considering this just because of the nightmare of balancing it they had in the original.
Depends on what your take on a lengthy cooldown is I wouldn't consider anything between 30-60seconds a lengthy cooldown. That's just a smart way to make it so the ability cannot be spammed over and over again.

Also in regards to skiing in tribes your doing it 24/7 and that's cool and fun but I'm talking about a short burst just to avoid maybe one tank round shot at the max.

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