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Re: My take on MAX abilities.

Originally Posted by EVILPIG View Post
Interesting. You have long range mega-shots for TR and VS, yet a punch for NC. lol

If my memory serves me right, there will be at least 2 empire specific abilities for each empire plus common pool abilities. VS will have an overdrive type ability and shields will be a common pool.

The skiing for VS could happen, as some of the team is playing Tribes and could draw influence. Don't know how well it would work or even if it would be balanced. I imagine just the ability to run will be a common pool ability now.

Of course, nothing you hear is gospel. When you hear about something at this stage of development, take it as, "That's what we're thinking about right now" instead of "That's how it will be live". It's more realistic and makes things that sound overpowered easier to swallow.
When I originally came up with skiing I mentioned that activating the ability would let you move omni-directionally without friction on the ground, as in hover. The idea also included it being a bit tougher to control since you wouldn't stop moving in direction X just by letting up on that key, you'd coast to a stop like an actual hover vehicle (regardless of the direction you turned) unless you put energy into the opposite direction or took off hover. Easily explained as a MAX suit being too small and complex to include inertial stabilizers that automatically do a job most scientists figured the soldier could damn well do himself.

This could be easy or tough to implement depending on the way the game is coded. I suspect that since they are using a physics engine, it would be fairly easy.

I also suggested that there not be a capacitor for the ability, being harder to control would balance it out IMO, and cause players to jump from hover to standing modes frequently, even in mid combat.

Also, for the OP, this forum isn't the "idea vault" forum. You really should have just posted your ideas there.

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