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Re: H1Z1 and the cannibalization of Planetside 2

Originally Posted by Hamma View Post
It's just that anytime something big or unexpected occurs everyone runs around like the sky is falling and the game is dead. They have obviously been working on this game for some time and it really indicates nothing. It's as absurd as saying landmark means planetside 2 is doomed.
My take on this is:-
people working for a company such as SOE move from project to project. This is a career development thing and also from a company's perspective allows one project to benefit from the hard-won skills from another/

So it's a good thing for the company and for the individual themselves. Exactly the same as when Maggie moved to EQN and prior to that we had a new Producer, with less stare-y eyes.

At some point Higby himself will move on too. Such things happen.

But I'm a PS2 player. I'm sorry that Clegg has gone as he did seem to be a good level designer and let's face it it's only with Amerish that the devs seem to have produced really good designs.

So I'd like reassurance for PS2. Specifically that after Hossin and Nexus there will be another continent in the works and one with a shorter developmental lead time.

ps congrats to Clegg.
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