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Re: H1Z1 and the cannibalization of Planetside 2

Originally Posted by HereticusXZ View Post
Zombie Post-Apocalypse is a dime a dozen, the PS2 crowd loses nothing but tourists. That crowd will enjoy H1Z1 for 3 months then return to there DayZ and Fallout 3 hobbies.

The only attention H1Z1 will get, that PS2 had months ago (or even half-a-year ago) is the flavor of the month gamers aka Tourists flocking to what's shiny.

What we have now is the relative "Golden Age" of PS2 as far as the pop goes, It will rise and fall with tourists flocking to the latest patches and consequently getting bored with it because of the immutable fact that no game holds your attention forever. It well never be at a point of "omg the games dead", NOT until PS3 is announced.

There is no "cannibalization" and PS2 is not dead, no matter how much you believe the conspiracy nuts. There's no fact that proves otherwise beyond shadow of a doubt. The money is still in PS2 for SOE as a business.


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Deal with it.
Yaaaaaaaa........ Keep telling yourself that.

In truth there is room for both games - but they will have overlap. They both will have staying power.
I think many people feel like play PS2 one week then maybe H1Z1 another week and back and forth.
PS2 has epic battles regularly that nothing else comes close to matching with a scale of tactics that is awesome - H1Z1 isnt even looking at that.
On the other hand sometimes its more its fun to play careful and deliberately when death really sucks and 1 kill might take you 20 minutes to set up.
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