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Re: H1Z1 and the cannibalization of Planetside 2

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Not sure if its too expensive to put too much effort to PS2, but the development isn't quite as I expected, and the fact that the dev-timeline has been pushed back tons during the development makes me think losing some people from the project will not make all those cool things like Hossin or intercontinental conquest come any sooner.
Well Muldoon posted a photo of the current dev team on reddit several deays ago, there were about 40 people and a dog. So I wouldn't say it's a small team by any means. But prorgess on new continents is painfully slow.

Read this from Higby from mmorpg:
Matt Higby: It’s on test server now, so we’re continuing to grow it. Our plan for Hossin right now, this is kind of a scoop, so we’re going to be releasing Hossin before we feel like it’s finished, because Hossin will take probably six to eight months for us to get completely done and players really want it now. And we know as soon as we get a continent in front of players, we very quickly realize all the things that we did wrong.
We’re going to be releasing Hossin with all of the facilities and all of the bases are going to be there. But a lot of the smaller outposts between the different facilities and the bases are not going to be the 100% handcrafted ones that we have on the other continents, they’re going to be more like stamped out ones, and over time, each week as we release new content, that stamped out base will be replaced and this one will be replaced by a fully featured tower base or maybe even a full facility.
So we’re able to get the continent out very early, we’re able to see what the battle flow is like on there and understand what type of bases we really need to put in these types of areas, and that will hopefully allow us to speed up the development a little bit, to where we’re not waiting for the thing to be completely finished, and then putting it out to players and spending three months fixing all of the things.
I'm not against copy/pasta bases if that's what it takes to get continents out the door but it makes me wonder (again) about further continents after Hossin and whether I'll be in a retrirement home by the time it arrives.

Here's a link to the interview.
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