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Re: H1Z1 and the cannibalization of Planetside 2

Originally Posted by Vashyo View Post
Finally good news then, might come to try the game again after it's been implemented just to see Hossin finally, certainly hope people get their asses of Indar when I play.

I'm pretty badly out of the loop here (since I havent touched the game or read forums for the last 6 months or so, lol). How about the small island thingies, did those get scrapped or whats the deal?
There's been no news about the battle islands. We know that one exists (Nexus), we know that continent locking is due soon - which means the intercontinental lattice - which means 3 battle islands.

But, we don't know whether 2 battle islands have been created and we haven't yet been told or whether they will simply duplicate Nexus another two times as a short term stop-gap.

Mostly we don't know.
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