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Re: Can SOE confirm a cinematic for Planetside 2?

An epic cinematic would be really awesome.

But if it cuts back anything on the game development then forget it. Building a great hype with good PR and Marketing is great for short-term bursts in fans. But people won't stay if they feel like something that was promised or is 'standard' happens to be missing.

With Forgelight, we could do an in-game promo that could feel cinematic if well-scripted and rehearsed a number of times. Have a soldier and his squad drop in somewhere or dismount a sunderer after penetrating enemy lines with the rest of their fortresses and follow the progress into a base.

There is a lot of possibilities. I would love to see a great cinematic with a strong narrative that shows what each faction stands for. It could help many players decide which side they choose.

I have faith that if SOE does make an epic cinematic or 3. That we won't find ourselves missing out on anything promised by launch, especially without a deadline to restrict them.

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