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Originally Posted by Derfud View Post
Eventually SOE will make a successful game, let's hope that this is it.
Planetside *was* a success, but it's difficult to tell how SOE determines value.

For example, my outfit was formed specifically for Planetside when we first heard the news about this revolutionary game. We were a loyal, active, competitive outfit for about four years non-stop, and to this day we are still actively seeing players log into the outfit. Many of the people in my outfit became personal/real-life friends. I have formed bonds with phantom gamers that I've only previously experienced inside my military service. Our "outfit" is now a multi-game "guild" (bloody hell I hate that stupid word) that has been in existence for almost seven years. We have annual get-togethers and many of us still fondly remember the days of Planetside. We even had a long-running thread called "So There I Was" where we would tell our favorite stories from Planetside. I don't see myself wanting to go to any other "guild" without my battle buddies from BWC. I don't recall having ever had this type of experience in any computer game past or present, MMO or e-sports shooter. I'd consider that a success.

SOE may be making Planetside 2, but how faithful to the concept of Planetside will it be? More to the point - I am a jaded, bitter, cynical man who is extremely stingy with his MMO money especially in THIS economy. If SOE wants my dollar and wants me to devote time to this game, it has some seriously difficult work ahead of it. I've been burned before, and I'm adult enough to remember instead of hopping on with the next big thing and hoping for sunshiney days.

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