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[NC] – (Mattherson) – Nude Gamers (NUD3) looking to grow our Unit!

Ok….we are a completely politically incorrect, immature – mature (-this means old 30+) gamers who have a blast and kick some ask us about how big out unit is……look at it, touch it, you know you want to! Well right now our unit is not that big however with a few more hands working together we are sure we can massage our unit into a ridged spear packing a violent load to be released into the face of the limp wristed Terran Repulsives and deep into the crevasses of the loose and sloppy Vag-nu.

We just ask that there is NO infighting, inbreeding, or douchey behavior within the unit, that you are a few years beyond puberty, or at least fake it real good like my wife every night, and you are not easily offended or offended at all for that fact. (<- if you had to think about this don’t ask to join! And you’re a pansy!)

We do support the NC initiatives and will support the command channel initiatives like a smelly jock strap supporting a bunch of nuts, even the one's who have not descended yet like WisdomCube, trying to put another notch in the NC headboard.

Yes we are late comers to the recruitment effort but despite our age we have shown the stamina to stay with PS2 and perform thanks to PED's + huge quantities of Viagra.

So look us on on Emerald we are on nightly from 7ish to 11ish EST. QcGuy is the tip of our throbbing spear

Just the tip...

Reply to this post if you have interest...

To any TR or VS who are reading this.....SUCK IT!

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