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Originally Posted by DynamoECT View Post
Omg vanu have one thing that's slightly nice, nerf it immediately. If we don't they might go above 29% population somewhere.
I can feel his pain. Originally no one could argue that the VS Max was the worst in the entire game before the special abilities showed up. It was never much of a threat. Once it hit, VS got a new toy and everyone grabbed it. Suddenly VS Max was a threat and everyone was trying it out so they were everywhere.

The cries were huge. Before the nerfs, it was OP, no question. This time the cries were justified and graphs were shown proving it on Sony's side. Since the nerfs, things are far more balanced and the pop seemed to have quieted down.

Whoever it was that said they can tear through enemies easier with a ZOE than with a Scatmax - uh, no. The ability to one shot multiple enemies and chew through an entire squad is not weaker than being able to kill enemies with one less bullet with the ability to move at normal speed (normal, not super.)

It's also quite annoying for a squad to deal with a shield max.

People are crying nerf over 1 on 1 scenarios instead of what typically happens. The MAX data they have at Sony proves you are wrong anyway.
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