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Re: Dedicated driver certification for MBT

Originally Posted by Figment View Post
Lumber, we're not saying that the individual unit gains advantages. We completely agree with you on that. You don't need to repeat your point.

But you lose other advantages and that cancels out very, very swiftly.

Maybe I'm not making myself clear in my posts, if so I apologies. The scenarios I am describing are in regards to a 2 vs 2 player (by your definition) battle. One side has 1 tank with 2 players in it and are using the suggested cert, the other has 2 tanks individually manned. If the drivers are equal skill and the vehicles have equal stats, I believe that the result say 100 battle like this will be close to 50-50. As long as you can keep the two tanks at range, the single 2 person tank should be victorious 90% of the time assuming the tanks handle similar to BF3. The 2 tank team will be victorious in situations that are closer range where they can effectively flank, or if both sides fight statically. This works for a side-grade or cert because it does not add power, it caters to a different play-style. A play-style that many people I think would like to be able to use.

Originally Posted by Figment View Post
Here's a list:

(Dis)advantages of ONE unit with TWO gunners over the same, ONE unit with ONE gunner

Note: A unit is described as any player operated avatar in game: tank, infantry, aircraft, etc. A player is any real life person operating as an unit that will be in game at the same time anyway.

The first comparison is just the effect on the single tank.

PER UNIT (driver=gunner + gunner vs driver=gunner, both in one unit)
Situational awareness per unit: doubled and a little (gunner not needing to watch road, two sets of eyes)
Variety of potential perspectives per unit: Equal
Number of potential units: Equal
Enemy firepower dispersion: Equal
Hitpoints per unit: Equal
Firepower per unit: Doubled
AA options available: Equal (no need to switch)
Resource cost per unit: Equal
Maneuvrability per unit: Equal
Tactical options per unit: Equal
Expected lifespan per unit: Slight increase
Execution of available tactical options: Slight increase in efficiency

Yes but that's my point, all it is is a list (and a very nice one at that ), Pure stats aren't the only that matters in term of balance. I think you are severely underestimating the advantage of firing on the move. I could be completely wrong as well since we will need to play the game before we can make a conclusion, but from the looks of it, the tanks operate almost identically to BF3.

In BF3 tank vs tank usually consists of 2 tanks statically shelling each other from long range with use of cover. The reason being is that you cannot effectively drive and shoot at the same time. A mobile tank that is able to zig zag in an open field will be a nightmare to hit, and will be impossible if you yourself are also moving. However in BF3 this is rather useless as you lack the room on most maps to accomplish these manoeuvres, and since you yourself will also be unable to aim efficiently and avoid obstacle.

But again all of this is speculation, and we will have to wait till we get in game before we can judge really (though I still enjoy discussing it because it gives me something to do while I wait for my invite :P).

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