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Re: Dedicated driver certification for MBT

Originally Posted by Figment View Post
And leading a target isn't that hard btw. Some players have difficulty in World of Tanks with tanks driving at 67 kph. Usualy, in WoT, I hit moving targets on either the first or second shot, my accuracy is around 70% for a normal tank or tank destroyer, because I don't care if I miss a couple shots. Friends of mine have an accuracy up to 80%. Mosts of the misses are down to the cone of fire system (especially while moving yourself), not due to bad leading.

BF3 is porlly compared though because tanks aren't as much throw away vehicles due to not being as massively available or used in numbers in that game. WoT is IMO the better comparison.
World of tanks isn't the best comparison either though, situational awareness wise. As soon as a tank is in LOS of any friendly tank you see where he is, this is not the case in PS2, also there is no combined arms to worry about in that game. Not to mention nearly all shots are taken when you yourself are stationary in WoT with the exception of some medium or light tank close range battles.

But I still think we need to test it in game, so if they just put the cert in, it can be balanced in beta. And as for magriders, just switch the guns, make the gun on top the powerful anti tank one and the forward facing one, anti infantry/anti air.
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