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Re: Community Clash TXR and MERC vs NNG and TGWW

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Its my opinion that AA is very weak. Im not a good pilot at all and I havent died to ground based aa in wuite some time. Burster range is very short and skyguards are easily killed by air. Meanwhile you are running aa its all kind of a one trick pony, mostly ineffective against everything else. Yes in the nexus right now if you rule the air you will win the game.
You have flown for a total of 8 hrs and killed a total of 8 people. Either you have not flown in an actual fight, instead just flying to bail out at a target site, or AA/Air defense has been extremely effective against you.

AA is quite effective although less mobile then air. Skyguards while killable are very threatening to to air and quite deadly in the hands of a good gunner, properly organized they can move well with armor (repair/ammo sundies help to). AA turrets are similar though stationary. Bursters also work well at pushing air off the point though they don't have the area denial that Skyguards can grant. Lock-ons of course round this out and are a very low cost way of pushing away the sky. Of course with all of this, coordination in a fire team with AA greatly magnifies its effectiveness.

The best way with dealing with air is either other air, or a well coordinated well practiced AA fire team. Ad Hoc AA units will do just fine in general but versus well trained air squads you need to have well trained AA squad at the very least.

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