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Re: Community Clash TXR and MERC vs NNG and TGWW

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I watched the CC and it seemed to me that aa is almost completely ineffective in the nexus. Tgww and nng were able to keep a sizable airball up the entire fight. I did see txr and exe try to make a dent several several times but ground based aa was not up to the task.
AA on nexus is fine how it is because Nexus is SO SMALL. It took 30 seconds to get with my scythe the the other WG , if it weren for all those mountains there wouldnt be any Air game in the nexus because of the insane AA positions there.
4 AA turrets right next to each other? Deadly you cant kill that with Air , support it with 2 more skyguards and you have a no fly zone .
Yes its right in front of your WG so it only helps you when you got pushed back to their which is perfectly fine.

If you got pushed back there and you need the AA , that it means that you are loosing but you get home advantage of your WG. But after that line you have to do everything with YOUR ressources. Those islands were made for MLG that means that they need to be balanced and that means that they dont support scrub play . With scrub play i mean people realing on Lock ons with a big range on open field to deal with enemies , which is the situation on the live server . It is really open , AA turrets are a high positions with a good view so they can shoot you for 1000 meters , which is almost the entire nexus.
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