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Re: Community Clash TXR and MERC vs NNG and TGWW

Controlling the Air in the Nexus seems to be a theme with the last two CC events. AA in this environment (48v48) cannot effectively come from ground units, and must come from Air assets themselves. On the live servers you are able get yourself a critical mass of bodies able to dedicate themselves to AA (burster nest, striker nest, etc.) while in these matches every ground body is pulling double duty dealing with infantry and armor. You cannot effectively place the amount of bodies you need on the ground to combat the Air Threat and must maintain that superiority through your own Air assets.

As was pointed out last night by myself and others, the nexus is a little too big for 48v48. The geography is pretty awesome and bases well thought out, however there are just too many bases. Some suggestions if it stays at 48v48 would be to drop the base number to 5 or just have the platoons fight down a single lane. Since programming bases out is of the question, until you get a 96v96 you really only need to use one lane. Would keep the pace of the battle frantic and show of outfit(s) skills in their chosen specialty.
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