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Re: Community Clash TXR and MERC vs NNG and TGWW

Originally Posted by necrate View Post
What makes you say that it isn't already like that? 20% is generous given the current state of the game. Saying that you need 500+ hours to be competitive is ridiculous. Don't use such hyperbole when trying to make a serious argument.
2000% stronger is just another way of saying that you literally stand no chance, not even a little one as good pilot vs a top ace pilot, which is absolutely true for the current state of the air game.

And yes, you really need hundreds of hours to get to that level. To illustrate, I suggest you watch the channel from a player called MattiAce, who spends a significant part of his time on PTS only to train his skills vs other ace pilots.

In this case it was a good match and it was almost tied up at one point. That shows that the strategy used by the winning side was not without its glaring flaws.
I agree and I think its too early to draw to conclusions already that air is too powerful on that map. I can think of a few counter tactics myself I didn't see TR performing in that mach, but air dominance is for sure something to watch out for.

Originally Posted by TorinPS View Post
And if you nerf air because of the Nexus, then air becomes even more useless in the 'public PS2 world'.
I never suggested air to be nerfed, only for levelling the playing field a bit more so mediocre pilots (which is 80+ % of the player base) can have a fun and meaningful time in the air as well.
The upcoming ESF changes, which forces you to choose between reverse thrusting capability (after burner tanks) vs extra armament, look promising in that regard.

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