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Re: Community Clash TXR and MERC vs NNG and TGWW

Originally Posted by Rolfski View Post
2000% stronger is just another way of saying that you literally stand no chance, not even a little one as good pilot vs a top ace pilot, which is absolutely true for the current state of the air game.
This is not true at all. I think the assessment of being 20% better is more accurate in the current game, although it is still vague to use a number to argue qualitatively. A top pilot will be able to win against much less experienced pilots almost every time in a duel. That does not mean that you stand no chance, because you still can do a good amount of damage against the pilot before you die. Because this game is not about single duels, but rather quite the opposite, it makes sense that a group of top pilots could perform as well as a group of good pilots with 20% more numbers.

Originally Posted by Rolfski View Post
And yes, you really need hundreds of hours to get to that level. To illustrate, I suggest you watch the channel from a player called MattiAce, who spends a significant part of his time on PTS only to train his skills vs other ace pilots.
To outclass nearly everyone else in the game, yes you will probably need to spend hundreds of hours. This is because others will continue to get better as time goes along and you need to keep up. Why shouldn't a guy who spent that much time practicing and making an effort to get better actually be better as a result? However, that is not what you argued previously.

You said, "If you don't spend 500+ hours into flying, you simply have no place in the air", and I replied that this is simply not true. To be competitive you don't need to spend nearly that much time. I would say 30-40 hours of flying (against other pilots! not rocket podding) is sufficient to make you a decent pilot. I hope you understand that there is a spectrum of skill and that not everyone is like MattiAce. You are assuming that everyone in the sky has spent hundreds of hours dogfighting, but from my experiences those people probably only make up close to 1% of people I've fought.
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