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Re: Community Clash TXR and MERC vs NNG and TGWW

I think you guys are getting a little out of hand trying to use the Nexus fight as an argument for over all aircraft balance in PS2. Fighting on the Nexus is night and day difference then your usual play on live server. And you should not take what happens there as evidence of anythings power in the live game.

But on a second note I would like to propose an idea that could make the Nexus a more enjoyable ground focused fight. I have had the pleasure to participate in two 48VS48 matches on the Nexus and both times the deciding factor of the match is air and air alone. This cannot be the case if we want to have a healthy and competitive future for PS2. No one aspect should hold that much sway over the match.

I wish to propose that we enact a new rule of only allowing one squad of air per team to be active. This is by no means an attempt at watering down the tactical options of the matches but actually giving more. By enacting this one squad of air only teams will have to implement the best squad make ups of LIB to ESF ratios. This will also encourage a more consistent air fight during the match as your platoon will be able to supply you with ESF for the entire match.

The other positive attribute created by this change is simply allowing ground to be more relevant. By forcing teams to only have 12 players airborne you will still have a chance to progress the fight even if you lack Air superiority. Though the air wing will still be a devastating factor in the fight it wont be at the degree of match ending power air has now on the Nexus. I feel this will force more skilled combat from the air wings and allow the ground battles to ensue which will be the key factor in encouraging a growing viewership of Competitive PS2 play.

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