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Lightbulb Fantasy Platoon Leagues

This idea comes from the desire to legitimize PlanetSide 2 and it's place in eSports: PlanetSide 2 Fantasy Platoon Leagues

This would work similar to a fantasy league for any major sport, where a "season" is basically every 3 months. Fantasy Platoon "Owners" can look through the database of top performing PS2 players, including up-and-coming players, and recruit them if they are available. Players can only be recruited from one faction.

When the season starts, everyone costs the same resource amount to recruit (plus a small increase based on variation of certs and gear they have available). As the season goes on, the resource cost to hire and trade players will increase or decrease based on their performance.

After the first few runs, once the bugs have been worked out of the system, player can then start wagering Station Cash (or IRL money?) to enter Fantasy Platoon leagues that give out prizes to the participants.

This would be virtually 100% outside of the game. The main thing would be that the game would need to track all of a player's stats over time in a database, and that could be processed every hour or every day, or maybe every time the player exits after being logged in.

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