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They don't even need that much support, even if they just created a way to have an instanced game.

All they really need is two bases, preferrably LLU type bases and have the two teams start at one base each, one tower each, then have them go.

Only problem I can see is having more experienced players having access to more equipment, and I'd suggest a system like Modern Warfare 3's, where playing in an unranked dedicated server or private match gives you access to all of the weapons, perks, etc. This would even the playing field completely, meaning a lesser skilled team couldn't win a match simply because their players had played the game longer.

I'm not sure how this instanced PvP would deal with SC bought items, since those are supposedly purely cosmetic, and therefore, would supposedly not affect the gameplay. That would need to be addressed once the full game is out.

Lastly: Coloring. Sure it's easy to tell the NC from the TR, but what if two VS outfits want to duke it out? Unfortunately, both outfits would be using the same vehicles so it would be nigh impossible to tell vehicles apart from a distance, but if the entire enemy outfit were a different color, it would make things easier. This would have to apply to the vehicles as well as infantry armor, which brings me back to my previous point: How will SC bought camos work.

This enemy/friendly coloring would also have to be changeable by the player; default red enemies would confuse TR players, etc.
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