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Re: Smed tweets about 64 bit

I am one of the last 32 bit System players of PS2, and i think this is a GOOD move.

They never managed to get the game running crash free on a 32 Bit system, and they probably never will. The 3 GB effective ram you can use with a 32 Bit system is just not enough for PS2.

I always thought that if they could not stop the crashing on 32 Bit they should take the honest route and raise the minimum requirements. Switching to 64 Bit only will in essence do that, AND it should improve stability and performance for the 94% that are already on a 64 Bit system.

I guess that they will still support DX9 for a while, but depending on what the PS4 uses internally ( Anyone knows? Afaik its AMD hardware should be way past the DX9 era, and might encourage Mantle support for PS2 on PC... ) i would not be surprised if in a year or two they switch to DX10/Dx11 only.

After all, PS2 is a demanding game. No other game so far does what it does.

Now the question that remains is if i will be able to gather the money for a new system first, or the 64 Bit switch will come first. Given the speed that SOE works at, i think my chances of being faster are pretty good.
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