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Re: ReachCast Community Question #70 - "If you were John Smedley and you were making.

Originally Posted by Calista View Post
I agree with what others have said but I think more focus on new player experience (especially with the pending PS4 launch) is important so.

1) Directives
2) Mission system
No no NO! this is the exact OPPOSITE of what this game needs. The game needs LESS interference from the Devs and more tools to allow players to set up their OWN events. The alert system is terrible, period. It essentially ruins any kind of user based co-ordinated gameplay. After about 10 minutes a huge number of players just 4th faction over to the winning side for the free certs. It needs to be killed with fire!

What they need to do right now:
1) FINISH THE LATTICE! FFS its been almost a year since we have had lattice forced* on us on 2 out of 3 continents. Just freaking finish it already! Every ounce of manpower should be put into this. Frankly its an embarrassment to have 2/3 of a completed game going into its second year. *(lattice would not have been necessary if the game was designed properly. ie. Multiple decaying cap points so 1 infiltrator couldn't cap a whole amp station solo. But that ship has sailed)

2) Hossin. they can't do continent lattice or anything else meaningful with 3 land masses. The only solution is to make another one. Its been sitting on the test server now for something like 9 months. finish it!

3) Resources. As they are now, they are a joke. If you are a paying player you pretty much never have to worry about resources. If you are totally F2P they run out way too fast. In all cases, they are irrelevant. They need to matter or they need to be removed, otherwise its just a secondary vehicle timer wall.

4) Don't balance the game by taking away player choices. This isn't something they need to do. Its something they need to stop doing. Prime example, the proposed floating shield over some bases. Thank god they didn't implement that because it would have been horrible. That is the exact opposite of good game design. If your bases were designed properly you wouldn't have to resort to this. We already have to live with lattice because they were too lazy to fix the hex system. don't dumb it down anymore.

Why do I play every faction? Because I genuinely like this game.
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