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Re: Has Anyone Ever Been Banned Or Suspended On PS2? Please Help!

Apparently the only time they ban people is when people use the word "kitchen" or "sandwich".

If a girl says sexist shit against a guy, nothing is done.
But one mention of a culinary delight or the place it's made in, and CS/GMs lose their mind.

It is really unimpressive, that they treat any negative talk toward a female as "ASSAULT" and it is always women threatening to report people over smacktalk/bragging, calling it "harassment".

We don't need women in gaming if this is what they are going to do to competitive environments. Men built these things in the first place to blow off steam.

How about treat grown women as grown women who can look after themselves.

The world doesn't need more white knights and "special treatment" for girls.

None of which justifies misogyny, but it's definitely an overreaction, that shit is the modern day "blasphemy".

You will find out if you are still banned, in 8 days.
I suggest you wait.

I would be surprised if you are permabanned unless you made direct threats.

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