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Re: and PS1 Packet Capture

Originally Posted by Logit View Post
I only put in a small session, an hour or so, but the program ran fine.

Now that i know what to focus on I will do those. Questions

Is there any reason to roam continents in a plane?
Is there any reason to roam conts at all?
Are the best things to grab actual interactions in the game?
Should I kill myself? In various ways? Maybe sometimes hilariously?
I'd imagine anytime I do or receive dmg in anyway it's good for the project.
Combat Engineering. Is it worthwhile to simply lay it out? Or does it need to attack or kill something to be useful?


Is there any reason to do something more than twice?
Roaming around isn't a bad idea, but I wouldn't explicitly do it. Just let it happen naturally. Killing yourself isn't something that I would say is interesting more than once. Receiving damage is good and unless we can find damage / stats tables for all of the weapons we're going to have to do this manually. I do believe they are stored on the client somewhere considering ROF and no-reload hacks are possible. PSForever would have these tables on the server side as well to check the client.

For Combat engineering, laying it out and having it activate is important. Anything you believe the server must be doing (i.e if multiple people can see it happening) is stuff we need to capture. For example, the spitfires and wall turrets essentially have an "aimbot" running them on the server. Recording the movements of the turrets would could help us to reverse engineer this.

One interesting thing we could do on sunday is to get a liberator and have the driver bail, activating the auto-land sequence. I believe that's a server side routine.

I wouldn't go out of your way to do things twice.
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