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Re: and PS1 Packet Capture

The Japanese site is actually still online -

Note that while the lasher is listed as 29 damage per shot it is actually 30, with severe range degradation.
Weapon range of the projectiles (tank shells, aurora, etc) were limited in part by projectile life - around 4 seconds I think.

The tippis files are no longer available online to my knowledge so i'd have to zip them up and email them on.

Some of the weapons have slightly unusual behaviour. The comet used to inflict different amounts of damage if you landed multiple hits in a short time span (probably some kind of bug in the burn code). It doesn't appear to do that on the daybreak server, though i'm unsure if that has resulted in the current comet being equal to the best of the old versions output, or the worst.

The vanu plasma mortar is also bugged in a somewhat unusual way - the hitcheck and damage source are offset from one another so when the bolt sticks in the ground the radiation origin is some distance below the surface (and below the visual effect), which is why you can often run across the area completely unharmed.

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